Caring for someone with dementia

Dementia can be exhausting and overwhelming, not only for the person with dementia but also for the people caring for them. Dementia UK has an excellent webpage for helping carers with their own well-being.

Dementia UK also has excellent videos around good habits for bedtime, what to do when someone stops recognising you and coping with feelings of guilt.

What is an Admiral Nurse video - Dementia UK Admiral Nurses provide advice and support for families affected by dementia, particularly during complex periods of transition. They are available via a Helpline, and through virtual or face-to-face clinics in the community.


Newly diagnosed dementia

A diagnosis of dementia can be a stressful experience which raises a lot of questions. It can be even more stressful if you find the information inaccessible due to language barriers. Dementia UK provides a number of information leaflets in other languages such as Polish, Urdu, Chinese, Bengali, Gujrati and Welsh.

 The Alzheimer’s Society’s guide to living well after your diagnosis also contains reassuring advice on a range of helpful topics such as treatments, living well and planning ahead.


Finding support from other families with dementia

Many people take comfort in talking to others going through similar experiences. The Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Talking Point is an online community, to share experiences with other people also affected by dementia.


Dementia Guidance

Dementia Guidance provides a guide to free services available throughout the UK to people with dementia and their families. 

Visit their website