Tests For Cancer

I have been referred for tests to investigate possible cancer, what does this mean for me?

Day one

You are referred to hospital on a fast track referral to investigate symptoms to rule out cancer. An appointment may be made for you by your GP at this time.


Day one to 14

You will be contacted by the hospital either for a phone discussion or an appointment for further tests by day 14

Please make sure you attend the first available appointment or let the team know if you can’t attend.

If you have not heard by day 10

Please call your hospital/service for an update: 

  • East Kent hospitals: 01227 864240 
  • Medway hospital: 01634 833891 
  • Darent Valley Hospital: 0208 228 1152
  • Maidstone & Tunbridg Wells Hospital: 01622 224519
  • Kent Integrated Dermatology Services 01634 799730  

Day 14 to 28

You will receive the outcome of your tests and advised on next steps. This could include:

  • no cancer found, discharged
  • no cancer found but if symptoms or concerns persist go back to your GP
  • cancer has been diagnosed and treatment options will be discussed with you.

Handy Hints

  • Calls from hospitals may show as private number or withheld. 
  • Check to see if you can take a family member or friend with you to the hospital or for planned phone calls.
  • There may be a lot of information given at this time
  • Have a pen and paper ready
  • Have questions prepared

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